Will Moviegoing Endure?

A reopened, yet lonely Century Theater in Orange, California (Image Courtesy: Lauren Montoya)

As you amble across the colorfully cheap carpet and smell the savory and sweet flavors of overpriced concessions, you eye the ripped ticket stub handed to you by the front usher. The fragile material carries much more than the mechanical font of the movie title, date, and time. It becomes a memento for the future even as reality becomes a thing of the past for a few hours.

I remember a childhood in thrall to memorable characters dashing across the big screen, to sitting at the edge of my seat as if I was attempting to become a part of…

The Larger Meaning of the Indefinite Hiatus of San Diego’s Beloved Convention

Comic-Con’s Main Logo (Image Courtesy of comic-con.org)

The Avengers film series may have concluded, but we might need earth’s mightiest heroes once again in this unprecedented world with a constant and surreal barrage of twists and turns, as if we’re living in a production right out of Marvel studios. But this is indeed our reality now. From the limited number of old showings theaters have on their websites, to the simple bittersweet announcement: “Check back for more information as we get closer to the show!” …

Juliette Signoret, Artist and Champion

“I’m a national champion, I’m a world champion,” says the black-belt karate student passionately, listing the aspects she most enjoys out of life, even throughout the quarantine period.

Juliette Signoret doesn’t just show off her impressive fighting skills in her beloved dojo with all her friends and instructors, she also expresses her love for sports, as well as singing, aspects she has explored while finding her calling throughout the unpredictable journey of life as a college student and young woman in an ever changing world.

Raised in the stylish Southern California city of Palm Springs, Signoret is a sister amongst…

As each day passes by, our society — the whole world — is evolving, growing, and yet stepping backwards simultaneously. We are becoming less connected with one another and more interested with our own selves and what we want. Division has rotted America for several years now and the line polarizing two major sides continues to extend, even through this pandemic in which we work together and contribute to better public health, as well as racial injustice we should all be fighting to defeat systemic racism. However, whichever party we associate with has ultimately become a part of our identity…

Lauren Montoya

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